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Host events that are just as magnificent as the area itself

Images of a lion and a heart - symbols from the Jerónimos monks' coat of arms - are found in almost every room of the Pousada of Santa Marinha and represent the type of experience you will have here if you choose the Pousada to host your event. Here, the feeling of love is exalted and heightened by a lovely setting in which the gardensterraces and rooms complement each other to create a uniquely magical and romantic atmosphere. If you choose this as your wedding site, whether you prefer to hold a civil ceremony in the garden by the lake, in the Salão Nobre, or perhaps even on the St. Jerónimo balcony, or if, on the other hand, you would like to hold a traditional religious marriage in the Church, we can assure you that the splendid setting and the sublime service will leave behind unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

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Во всех конференц-залах возможна любая планировка. Возможные варианты см. ниже.

Название номера Площадь (кв. м) Театр Школа П-образный стол Коктейль Банкет
Frei Jerónimo 219 80 40 35 200 140
Salão Nobre 172 150 70 60 180 120
Afonso Henriques 219 80 40 35 200 160
Sala da Fonte 72 50 30 20 60 40
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