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Taste a little bit of history

At the Dona Mafalda restaurant, you can take a trip through the typical flavors of the Minho and Guimarães region. You can also uncover the secret behind old-fashioned forms of food preservation in a structure as large as a monastery: note the numbered tiles on the floor. They provided a way to descend three meters below the ground to the fridge and the pantry. Located in what used to be wine cellars, this architectural marvel features vaulted ceilings that are made of columns in granite and are decorated with Johannine tile panels taken from the corridor between the rooms. (Only a few remains from this corridor have survived the fire of 1951.) The tiles depict scenes from everyday life such as lunches, trips, picnics and games - it is the perfect setting to embark on a culinary journey that will treat you to many delectable regional specialties.

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Largo Domingos Leite de Castro, Lugar da Costa , 4810-011 , Guimarães Как добраться Телефон +351253511249

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