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The extraordinary original castle chapel was fully preserved. The tiles and the original altar are the perfect setting for your civil wedding. The orange trees, watering troughs, the gazebo with climbing roses, boxwood garden, the amphitheater and the vineyard behind the pool are the ideal backgrounds to your family photos. There are amazing places for cocktails and small receptions.

And the best part is that the whole area of ​​the Castelo de Alvito Pousada can be made exclusively for you and customizable according to the environments that you want to create and the areas you want to use. Thanks to its size, it's probably the castle you can most simply make completely yours.

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Во всех конференц-залах возможна любая планировка. Возможные варианты см. ниже.

Название номера Площадь (кв. м) Театр Школа П-образный стол Коктейль Банкет
Restaurante 157 120 80
Sala da Capela 45 35 20 30
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