Meetings & Events

Impressive, imposing, impeccable

As the cultural hub of the city, major events are held here, : including the city’s spring concerts of classical music and local artist exhibitions featuring both painting and sculpture, as well as craft shows featuring weavers and potters.

As grand as it is welcoming, with a photogenic cloister big enough to host banquets of up to 400 people, all comfortably seated, this hotel in Viseu is ideal for business groups looking to book the whole space for a car launch, shareholders’ meeting, formal dinner or private party.

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Sale riunioni

Tutte le sale riunioni possono essere predisposte secondo vari allestimenti. A seguito, le opzioni disponibili.

Nome della camera Area (mq) Teatro Scuola Tavolo a ferro di cavallo Cocktail Banchetto
Claustro Mestre Grão Vasco 483 300 500 300
D. Fernando 82 60 30 25 50 50
D. Henrique 63 50 25 20 40 50
Fontelo 125 110 50 40 140 100
D. Fernando + D. Henrique 145 120 60 40 150 100
Exterior 650 350
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