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The ideal place for relaxation

Come spend a few days in the city that proudly announces to its visitors:  "This is the birthplace of Portugal". Situated in the center of the country of Portugal and the likely birthplace of D. Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, this is a place where you'll find a cheerful, confident and attractive environment that inspires not only its inhabitants, but also visitors who stay there for a relaxing vacation. The Pousada da Marinha, a unique hotel full of history located in the city of Guimarães, is a great place to set out on a journey of historical discovery.

Staying at the Pousada of Santa Marinha in Guimarães is not only an opportunity to relax for a few days, but also to learn about history with your every step. Located on the slopes of Monte da Penha, this former monastery that once belonged to Queen Mafalda, wife of King Afonso Henriques, and was part of the order of the Holy Canons of Saint Augustine in the twelfth century, is a building that inspires admiration. Its every door, window and stone exudes wisdom.
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Monument Hotel, a member of "Small Luxury Hotels" Close to the city Classified as a Public Interest Monument 9he garden with botanical itinerary

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  • Classic Room

    In the old wing, all beds are double and there is no space for extra beds. It is a perfect and romantic way to spend a few days that will always be remembered as a part of your love story.
    In the new wing, all beds are twin beds and there are also rooms with fixed beds for older children. Discover the comforts you can enjoy wherever you stay.

    from 110 Night
    PPG Only 104 Night
  • Classic Family

    With twin beds, the standard family rooms can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. They are in the new wing of the Pousada, overlooking the mountain and the garden is mostly are not accessible by elevator. Ideal for families who need more space, they have about 31 m² in size.
    from 115 Night
    PPG Only 109 Night
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  • Leisure & Services

    Start enjoying a relaxing vacation

    In a place so rich with history and tradition, there is much to do and explore in a city which is only 2 km away and can be easily seen from where you are. If you prefer to stay at Santa Marinha´s Pousada, make the most of the pool area in the old mill that has an outdoor pool for adults and children, and a playground,
  • Dining

    Taste a little bit of history

    At the Dona Mafalda restaurant, you can take a trip through the typical flavors of the Minho and Guimarães region. You can also uncover the secret behind old-fashioned forms of food preservation in a structure as large as a monastery: note the numbered tiles on the floor. They provided a way to descend three meters below the ground to the fridge and
  • Meetings & Events

    Host events that are just as magnificent as the area itself

    Images of a lion and a heart - symbols from the Jerónimos monks' coat of arms - are found in almost every room of the Pousada of Santa Marinha and represent the type of experience you will have here if you choose the Pousada to host your event. Here, the feeling of love is exalted and heightened by a lovely setting in which the

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