Meetings & Events

Memorable events, in a magnificent scenario

Ideally reserved with exclusivity for events, the Pousada of Santa Maria do Bouro welcomes groups for family birthdays, conferences, meetings and of course, wedding parties throughout the year.

The magnificent cloister with the original orange stone is a unique and memorable setting, perfect for dinners and receptions in the summer. If you wish to hold a wedding with a religious ceremony, you can do it in the magnificent monastery church, completely rebuilt in the seventeenth century, with its vaulted wooden ceiling and its magnificent gilded altarpiece from the same period. The stalls of the choir have unique world class panels, carved in the wood, depicting similar scenes from the life of S. Bernardo and S. Bento. 

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Sale riunioni

Tutte le sale riunioni possono essere predisposte secondo vari allestimenti. A seguito, le opzioni disponibili.

Nome della camera Area (mq) Teatro Scuola Tavolo a ferro di cavallo Cocktail Banchetto
Adega 195 100 50 50 120 80
Antigo Refeitório 110 110 60 50 150 120
Exterior 140 70 30 30 220
Restaurante 154 90
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