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House to the history of portugal

Staying at the Pousada do Convento das Chagas de Cristo is a unique, dreamlike historical experience. Lose yourself in rooms and corridors, staircases and round arches: one of the most noble and opulent convents in Portugal awaits you.

Come and marvel at the first hall: rebuilt in the old barns area, it is now decorated with the painted wood art pieces that were once positioned in their original ceilings . Go to the bar and sit in one of the unique chairs called ''conversadeiras'' (from "chatting"), which are perfect for long talks with the best possible comfort. In this Pestana Historic Hotel you will find a different nook everyday, or a different path between the room and the cloister, or between the room and the restaurant. The frescoes and tiles, whether original or restored, are the best company for your wanderings.
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Historic Hotel, Convent of the 16th century Vila Viçosa was the Royal Family's Vacation residence Next to the Royal Palace

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  • Classic Room

    Room with an area of ​​21m², offering a King double bed to sleep two people. Bathroom features with bathtub, LCD, Minibar, AC and allusive decoration theme "Colonel"
    from 105 94 Night
    PPG Only 89 Night
  • Classic Family

    King offers a double bed to sleep two people. Bathroom features with bathtub, LCD, Minibar, Air Conditioning.
    from 105 99 Night
    PPG Only 94 Night
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  • Leisure & Services

    Stays made to mesure

    Enjoy the private areas that you will find: the refreshing pool and the cool of the game rooms are perfect for hot days. The old classroom that became the piano room or even the old kitchen that is now a pleasant living room provide comfort while you read, whether it's winter or summer.
  • Dining

    Royal approval

    Thanks to its privileged connections with the House of Bragança, Pousada Vila Viçosa hosts an annual lunch for the Portuguese royal family. But here any untitled guest gets the same attention as the most illustrious royal heir. This Pousada's restaurant, which is located in the old canteen of the convent, features completely
  • Meetings & Events

    Stays made to mesure

    Like all other Pousadas, the Pousada Historic Hotel of Vila Viçosa is fully equipped and customizable to hold private events: you can throw a private dinner party on the "pomegranate tree courtyard", whose pond and small fountain make it

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