Questions related to times and documents to provide at check-in and check-out, loss of property at the hotel, comments on your stay, animal policies, Hotel location and services.
  • What time is check-in/out? Can it be changed?

    You will find this information on the hotel’s webpage, in the services area and in the confirmation email for your reservation. The change may be possible at the Hotel's discretion. If you wish to change the time, please write it in the field "For a better experience during your stay, enter additional requests to be considered with your reservation." when making your reservation. It will always be subject to the Hotel's availability.

  • How do I notify the hotel that I'm going to arrive late?

    In the booking confirmation you will find the Hotel's direct phone number.

  • Do I need to present a credit card at check-in? What if I don't want to present one?

    You must always present a credit card at check-in for charging all the incidentals which the guest may have. If you don't plan to leave your credit card on file, you may leave a security deposit which will be returned if no consumption of incidentals occurs.

  • I forgot something at the hotel, what do I do?

    If you've forgotten something in the room, you will have to contact the Hotel directly.

  • I didn´t receive my receipt. What should I do?

    If you haven't received the receipt for your completed stay, we recommend contacting the Hotel directly.

  • I would like to comment on my stay. Where can I do that?

    After the stay, all guests are sent a satisfaction survey where you may leave your suggestions. If you do not receive any survey, please send an email to

  • Are animals permitted in Hotels and Pousadas?

    Service animals are permitted at no additional cost. The guest must provide proper proof at check-in and a note should be left in the reservation comments.

  • Where is the hotel located?

    On the website, for the location of interest you can view the hotel location as well as its GPS coordinates.

  • Is smoking allowed in the room?

    You will find this information on the hotel’s webpage, in the services area and in the rooms at each location.

  • Can I have lunch or dinner at the Hotel?

    At any Pestana Hotel Group location, anyone (even if not a guest) may enjoy the dining services.

  • How many people are allowed in the room?

    All of the hotels have different rooms with different maximum occupancy. Check the room descriptions in advance and do the simulation placing the number of adults and children needed.

  • Do all rooms have Wi-Fi?

    All Pestana hotels have Wi-Fi in the public areas. Most hotels also have Wi-Fi in the rooms. Please check the information stated in the room description.

  • Do all the hotels have rooms for persons with limited mobility?

    All Pestana Hotel Group hotels have rooms prepared for persons with limited mobility. However, it should always be mentioned in the comments, subject to availability. We suggest contacting Pestana Customer Care on 808 252 252 (if you live in Portugal) or at +351 218 442 001 (if you live outside of Portugal) or via
    email, who will confirm the room availability at the time of the reservation.

  • Can I use the SPA services only, without being a guest?

    You may use the SPA services if you are a guest at one of our hotels or if you've scheduled a prior massage or treatment appointment with us.

  • Can I use the dining services only, without being a guest?

    Yes, any person may use the Pestana Hotel Group dining services.

  • What services does the Hotel offer?

    Every hotel offers distinct services. You can check out the services on the "Services and Activities" webpage for each hotel.

  • What documents do I need to provide at check in?

    Credit card which was used to make the reservation
    ID card and/or passport