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Authentic Flavours

Aromas and flavours that capture the very essence of the land.

Central Portugal boasts fine wines, good food and unparalleled hospitality.

This region is known for raising cuisine to a work of art. The famous Lafões veal is a good example.: The meat is  slow cooked until it´s amazingly tender and juicy.

As for confectionery, Vizela pastry strikes the perfect balance between the delicacy of the extra-fine, crispy dough and the smooth texture of the custard filling. “Ovos moles”, a local delicacy made from egg yolk and sugar in Aveiro, in the central coastal region, is almost impossible to turn down.

Before that, however, we suggest a unique snack,: garlic sausage balls with genuine Serra da Estrela cheese. Indeed, the region´s sausages and cheeses are gastronomic specialities that are really worth trying, accompanied by one of the excellent Dão wines.


Lafões Veal recipe:
- Veal (3 hours in the oven)
- Potatoes
- Sauteed Greens


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