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Our Legacy | Pousadas de Portugal

Places that appeal to our senses

and offer us a fascinating trip through our culture.  

There is always a story or legend to tell, a tradition or secret to reveal.    

The Pousadas of Portugal are a chain of 37 hotels from the North to the South of the country with their origin in the 1940`s.  Their name is synonymous with quality accommodation, where a warm welcome and personal service awaits every guest. With the construction of the first regional Pousada in the 1940`s in order to provide visitors with board and accommodation respecting the style and tradition of each region.  In the 1950s a new concept of Pousadas was created: the historical Pousadas located in carefully restored monuments. An enriching historic and cultural experience.  

A special touristic offer that keeps alive the warm welcoming flame of the Portuguese.    

They are located from North to south of the country, in Azores and now also in Brazil, in Castles, convents, fortresses and places of rare landscape beauty .    

A privilege that has always been assured by respecting the recuperation of the national architectural heritage adapted to modern demands of comfort and well-being.  

4 concepts of Pousadas       

To learn and to differentiate the existing offer, the 4 thematic concepts relate to experiences according to the specific vocation of each of them:  

  • Historic Pousadas

  • Historic Design Pousadas

  • Nature Pousadas

  • Charm Pousadas    


In all Pousadas de Portugal you will always find a restaurant where you can enjoy the best of the regional gastronomy and the exclusive aroma of Portuguese wines. 

Places of tastes and exclusive aromas      

For  Lusitanian people whose historical past is so rich, the gastronomically aspects became a strong component important to preserve.  

For the diversity of its secular inheritance the Pousadas de Portugal are the largest regional restaurant chain in the country distinguished by its rich and varied gastronomic offer, revealing secrets about an ancient art and recreating the best of the regional cuisine, always complimented by the most genuine Portuguese wines. 

They are places for contemplation and discovery, in a manueline cloister, in the serenity of a beautiful landscape or facing a majestic mountain, you always find the best company to enjoy a delicious meal.

Places where they offer you delicacies. Portuguese regional gastronomic temples which we insist in preserving from one generation to the next.  

In the best tradition        


Since always, the Pousadas de Portugal privileged the restoration of national architectural heritage assuring the preservation of monuments and, at the same time, increasing the offer of an outstanding and high-quality touristic destination. 

In 1995 ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and the Smithsonian Foundation awarded the Pousadas de Portugal their annual prize for hotel groups that played a major role in preserving the environment and the cultural heritage for tourist purposes.   

Faithfull to its origin, rediscovering the pleasure of authenticity the Pousadas aim to be the reflex of the region or the area where they are located. Its conception, furniture and the decoration in general is in harmony with the region or simply evokes the historical ambience of the monument (furniture, tapestry, paintings...)  


The Pousadas de Portugal are real treasures of our country and of our history.    

Travelling around to the Pousadas de Portugal is a unique adventure, a pleasure that you will keep forever. 

Besides getting to know Portugal, city by city, from the sea to the mountain or from the mountain to the valley, each Pousada has the pleasure to receive you in each step of your journey, so that you have more time for yourself and more stories to tell. 

​Personalized service   

"When a customer is not known by his / her name but only by his/ her room number, we will be far from the Pousadas´spirit." (António Ferro - 1942).           

This is the definition that suits best the true spirit of the Pousadas de Portugal.  During your stay you will revive a past that you were already missing.  We offer you what our country has of genuine and authentic: the tradition of warm welcoming of our people.


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